Projects So Far

Hal Tafhamni?

Hal Tafhamni? Do you understand me?
Raising awareness for deaf people through guerrilla marketing.

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Amari Computer Club

Re-opening a computer club for children in Amari Refugee Camp, rebooting weekly club activity. Teaching electronics, story telling and more.

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Edible Spoons to Avoid Plastic

Experimenting with society and crunchy dough recipes and baking, 3D printing and building a silicon mold.

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Interactive Map

Workshops with refugees, teaching digital literacy, collecting POIs to support newcoming refugees in Germany. Grounding research in nett.werkzeug.

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Amal: A Point & Click Adventure

Amal tells the story of a young refugee girl, living in Amari Refugee Camp. It offers insights into the culture of Palestinian refugee society.

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Urban Gardening

Re-using spaces, teaching about responsibility and self-sustainability, hence empowering children in Palestine and Syrian refugees in Germany.

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What’s YALLAH!?

YALLAH – You All Are Hackers is an academic research hackathon, organized by the University of Siegen (Germany) and Birzeit University (West Bank, Palestine), funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) as part of the program “Higher Academic Dialogue with the Islamic World”.

YALLAH’s motivation is to enable multi-national, intercultural collaboration on social innovation. The participants assess social issues with a grounded approach, learn about field exploration and creative, ethnographic and innovative methods. Small teams work on projects, hence applying methodology and work closely with partners in each area.

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Projects 2018

What we are going to do next!
Mobile Maker Space

Mobile Maker Space

Makerspaces offer room for collaborative work, making, learning, exploring and sharing. The problem though: it‘s physical a space, inside a building.

How can people access such spaces when living in remote areas where transportation can be problematic? Especially in the context of Palestine?

VR Experience

VR Experience

Due to the political situation, some Palestinians living outside of Palestine are struggling to visit the West Bank. Imagine you could a visit place without the need of thinking about long travels or political borders.

Explore if or how VR tech can help promote audio-visual experiences and culture across various borders?

al-Am'ari Computer Club

al-Am'ari Computer Club

al-Am'ari is a Palestinian refugee camp in Ramallah. We have a Computer Club there.

Design, conduct and document a paralell workshop series in a German Club and Am'ari Club.


A diary of the students' experiences.