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Day 1 July 31, 2017
We left bright and early so that we could get to the Jericho crossing before the blistering heat and the traffic. Our biggest fear for the trip was getting stuck at the crossing all day, thankfully, it ended up being smoother than expected. We arrived in Jordan midday to the apartment we had rented for the night and we spent the day walking the streets browsing shops, going for lunch, and having ice cream at Bikdash-the specialty shop for Arabic ice cream. The next morning was our flight at 10:50 and again it was time to leave for the most exciting leg of our trip!

Day 2 August 1, 2017

Surprise, Surprise! Our built-up excitement was too good to be true and it was cut short as soon as we reached the airport. After lugging our bags through security and standing in the check in line our not-yet-begun day took a turn for the worst. There was a problem with our tickets and our flights were not confirmed apparently. This meant that we could not fly or check in and that sent us into a frenzy trying to contact our supervisors Dr. Iyad, Marios, and Sarah. After a few hours of phone calls and messages, we had missed the flight and the next available flight was a day later. We spent the chaotic few hours of trying to figure out what was going on sitting on the floor with our luggage in the middle of the airport. We were frustrated, tired, hungry, and too broke to return to Amman. In short, it was a mess! Thankfully, with the efforts of all the supervisors, a hotel in Amman was booked for us and the travel expenses back to Amman were covered. Dr. Iyad’s brother fed us breakfast and we had a chance to rest and walk the streets of Amman once more.

Day 3 August 2. 2017 -August 4, 2017
We are back at the airport once more, but this time hoping that our flights are confirmed so that we don’t embarrass ourselves again. The relief of checking in was the best part of the day because we were finally on our way. We flew directly to Frankfurt where everyone was waiting to welcome us. Layla and Renad drove me and Dana to Siegen and she had snacks and drinks waiting for us in her car. We arrived in Siegen, took a tour in our dorms, rested, and it was dinner time with the Yallah group. Our first German food experience took place at a pizzeria in the city center. We planned on attending an open-air concert but it was over by the time we got there. Thursday was work day with meeting sessions and barbeque night with the Palestinian community here in Siegen. We all made tabbouleh for barbeque and we drove up to a beautiful forest in Siegen. The greenery here is breathtaking and soothing. All in all, it was a hectic and blurred few days but the minute we arrived in Siegen, we felt our trip come to life! Hoping for productivity and fun in the next month!!!

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