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At the Airport!

All right all right, it’s 31st of July, the day where everything started this year, is it a good day? That’s what crossed my mind at the very beginning, because I didn’t know it’s going to be 13 freaking hours of traveling, gosh… I feel like a chair at the moment because I am sitting the whole time. Anyways, let’s start from the very beginning. I woke up at 11 am, had my breakfast, took a shower, fed my nephew and packed up my luggage. It took me like five hours doing the luggage thing. It was already five and I needed to get to the airport at nine, so I had about three free hours, didn’t know what to do in the meantime. So yeah, I had some fun, I watched a movie I’ve been told to watch since forever, “The American gangster”, and let me quote “The most important thing in business is honesty,

Turkish Airlines!

integrity, hard work, family, never forget where we came from” – the famous words of a drug dealer to his brothers. Anyways, I called my brother to give me and my friends a ride to the airport, we got there at 9:30, we’ve been checked too many times so I lost count, it took like 2.5 hours of checking, and then we chilled in the duty free for an hour, and headed straight to our flight. 



Hello Germany!

Here it was already the 1st of August, we’ve got to the Turkish Airlines plane and it was already 1 am. It was kind of a rough flight, but it’s said that Turkish Airlines are actually good. We arrived Germany at 10 am after landing in Turkey for a stop, it was great to be back to the solid land though. Dr. Iyad was waiting us beside the airport and gave us a ride back to the dormitory. On the way we stopped to have some coffee. Marios, Sarah and Aydin were waiting for us, helped us with the dorm issues, and then we all went to buy some stuff from IKEA, eventually it was a long day ended up with sleeping for so many hours.



At the 2nd of August, it was a Thursday, we al planned to meet at 10 am, I went to take a walk at 9 around the neighbourhood, and I met by some coincidence with Marios, Sarah, Razan and Renad, I was just walking around Siegen. I think, Sarah doesn’t believe it was a coincidence till now, but anyways it was what it was. We got back to the dormitory and met with Team Palestine to deal with the financial issues and then went to the University to sign the contracts for the dormitory issues. It was one of the most useless appointments ever, because it went like “this doesn’t apply to you, and this you’re not gonna understand, and blah blah blah” you could’ve just sent them by mail or with anyone and got the same results. Then we went to walk and eat around the city and did some shopping, it was a warm day after all.




The 3rd of August, “the first official working day” we met the rest of the YALLAH! family. We went all together, worked off on the distribution of the teams, and had our first insight on our “Mobile Maker Space Project”. Then we went to chill around the city, after that we divided into two groups, one that went to cologne to party, and one to stay and go around the old city of Siegen and explore the life in there. You probably know which one I’ll definitely chose, obviously it was the adventurous one to the old city.
We went to the park up the hill and it was a fabulous

Old City of Siegen!

sunset, actually it was one of the best in years. Then we had a phone call saying that Rawand lost her walled and couldn’t find it. After doing the investigation and asking people all over, we couldn’t find it. Anyways, after that we walked between the alleys of the old city of Siegen and had so much fun in there.




At the 4th of August, the first Saturday at Siegen, I had a hard night sleeping because of the weather, I woke up at 1 pm, took an ice cold bath as I always do.


Then went to have some ice cream with another Sarah from Team Germany, she’s one of the best guides I had in Siegen as well as a great person. After that, another coincidence happened again, Marios and Sarah again picked me up to go to the BBQ, the team had organised. We had the best food in Germany on the same table, and it was one of the good vibes of “Germany time”. Almost everyone went to party and have fun, but I went back to sleep, I was just extremely tired. I first forgot about Rawands wallet, when the cologne people got back from there and she was like, “it was on my bed back at the dorm, thanks for asking”. Just in case you wanted to know how the lost walltet story ended.



At the 5th of August, (my last day for the blog writing, it’s sad not to write anymore, but I’ll write for you anytime you ask,) anyways, it was Sunday and we “Team Palestine” woke up late at 10 -11. We made the first Palestinian Breakfast at Siegen, it was so good to do it and to taste the great food again, because to be honest, German people don’t have

Seelbacher Weiher!

that great taste of food. Then we went to a small lake in Siegen, it was pretty cool and the weather was so perfect for a swimming and a day in the water. We played so much soccer and then went straight to the lake, Julian “a great guy from the german team” saved my ass from drowning. (I’m a trash swimmer, don’t judge me xD). Then he gave me a swimming lesson which was great. We went to play soccer again and then a Card game called Trix Complex, it was way too fun. We just got back to the dorms to rest from this long lovely day, it was the best day so far in Germany, and I actually loved the “YALLAH! Family” at that day so much. Hopefully, that was just enough for you guys, Peace out <3!

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