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Sunday, August 13th 2017
It’s 4 am in the morning now and we finally arrived Frankfurt, so we are back in Germany. We (me, Ziad, Maher and Aseel) had a beautiful, long and extremely exhausting weekend in Switzerland. Our reserved FlixBus was an hour late! I found that “weird” because as far as we experienced the bus system here, they are usually on time, with a max of 2 minutes delay. It’s cool to have such a bus system around but it needs time to cope with, for example it has a different schedule on Sundays but we managed to survive. It’s really convenient (no matter how many times I missed the bus to whatever my destination was) but I will always miss our transportation system back in Palestine.

I visited a funfair place (“Wendsche Kärmetze”) in Wenden. This place is really big and has a lot of cool booths. On the other hand, it’s still crazy to believe that such an event is there for a couple of days and it moves as a whole from one place to another. In general, I enjoyed being there.

Monday, August 14th 2017
In the early morning, we had a meeting with all the YALLAH students to report how each project is going. There is a noticeable progress in each project which made me feel proud to be part of this program. After that we, the foodsharing group, had a quick meeting with Sarah and Marios to set the final guidelines for the interviews we will conduct, plus we got an audio recorder. Recording the interviews might help us analyze them later.

After 14 days in Germany, I learned that small things matter! For example, one min late for the bus will waste A LOT of your time, especially if you have to catch a meeting or a train! Also, plan your shopping day so you don’t have to buy a new bag each time, and you won’t die because of lack of food in the fridge when it’s Sunday. And most important, NEVER waste a sunny day!!!! NEVER!! Small check for the weather is really good in order not to have a lame sunny day.

Tuesday, August 15th 2017
As a student, it would be really heavy for our pockets not to cook in our dorms so I cooked with Robin “bread with white cheese” and it was a total FAILURE! Edible but has no taste! However, we had a Plan B – Shawarma, and we lived happily ever after.

At 5 PM, the foodsharing people (me, Maher, Ziad, Robin and Linda) meet to do interviews with people around Siegen. To be honest, we didn’t have a cool start, people were not willing to help, and one of them was scared of us. But by the time, we managed to have a couple of really good interviews that will help us in our work in the project.

At 7 PM, we had a really big gathering between the YALLAH students (Palestinian and German students) just to talk! And as Dana said in that meeting, “Let’s talk! I think this is what exchange programs are all about”, we talked about so many things but mainly about the Buchenwald concentration camp in Weimar and the Palestinian condition. For us (the Palestinians), it was the first time that we get the chance to hear what they think about their stay in Palestine. It was a deep talk for both of the sides, at some point the talk turned into a fire shooting battle and become really overwhelming to my soul so I preferred to leave that hall.

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