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It was a cloudy day down here in Siegen, the sun was coming and going in some periods of the day. It was another day of work in the FabLab, lots of interesting things were going on that day. It started with the VR team testing out some 360° videos, followed by Tamar – a team member in the al-Am’ari computer club – finding an insect on the ground and then using a 3D printed microscope to capture amazing pictures of it.

I have finished working on the first vlog of YALLAH! 2018 in the afternoon. Shortly after i finished working, the whole team went the university cafeteria for a lunch break. Luckily, the menu on that day was German food.

After we finished work, we went up to the dorms and took Lena’s car and went grocery shopping for a festival that we will attend  called Art Lake Festival. Shopping took more than two hours to get everything needed. After that, we went down to our chilling area – just right down the river in downtown Siegen – we had some dinner together and hit back the dorms for a good night sleep.


It was another normal day of work in the FabLab, except it started with me missing the first bus in the morning but then catching up the second one. I started work with uploading the vlog to youtube and sharing it to all the social media sites. Afterwards, i was covering up interviews with strangers in the street for the VR team.

I finished work by almost five in the afternoon and went shopping for the festival. Around evening time, we hit the road for the 1000 mile journey. we drove for almost seven hours on the highways with breaks in between, in one of the breaks we ate at McDonald’s for 40 euros. The best break we took was stopping in the middle of nowhere in the forest away from all the city lights just to watch the beauty of the night sky and the million of stars that were shinning as diamonds in the sky.

We reached the festival area by three in the morning, we set up the tents, unpacked everything, then we started hitting the parties stage by stage ’til it was six in the morning.



I only had 2 hours of sleep the night before. Everybody woke up and we went down to the lake beach to chill and have some fun, the sun was still going up in the sky, the water was as clear as glass and the sand was toasting up from the sun. We sat down under August’s sun, enjoying the nice beat of music and the breeze of air that was occasionally hitting our bodies. Afterwards, we went down to the water played some games with balls until it was noon time.

We went back to the tents to have some food and rest, then we made our way to the a few workshops that were running on that day. We started with a festival creative arts workshop, followed by a festival make up workshop. We walked around every stage in the festival, enjoying the art that was scattered all over and the luxury of being on the guest list. The day was ending so fast but the night was just starting, we put on our outfits and hit as many stages as possible to see and enjoy the beauty of music and art.

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