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Today, we woke up a little bit late since we wanted to have enough rest after the hectic meeting we had yesterday. It was a day off work. Our Palestinian friend who is called Yara came to visit us. She is living in Germany for three years now. We welcomed her here in Siegen. We walked to the castle to see the top of Siegen. It was very fun and the view was breath-taking. We some took pictures and relaxed at the park. Then we went to our hostels and had a rest. We decided to have a lunch meeting with the Palestinian team and so we went to a burger restaurant at the city center. We discussed the meeting we had yesterday about the concentration camp and the Palestinian situation. It was a kind of a feedback meeting, because there was a lot of tension going on through the past meeting and we wanted to clarify that nothing was personal. It’s just us that get emotional about our situation as Palestinians, and we always try to explain the situation we are in and the difficulties we face almost all the time.

 Late at night, we decided to do something fun as a group. We all agreed to go bowling in Weidenau. We were laughing for an hour about our great talents carrying the bowls and getting high grades. Maher nailed it and had the best record.

Today, we woke up early in the morning at 9 am and went to the campus. First, we went to the progress board and adjusted our project’s steps and plans. Then, Layla conducted an interview with one of the members of the unpacked store here in Siegen. It was all in German. Shahd and I understood nothing, but it was fun filming it. After this, we joined the other group members to sit at the river. It started to rain so we had to go somewhere inside. We went to the grocery store bought everything we need for our lunch. Went to Shahd’s home and prepared pasta and grilled potatoes. It was very easily made and delicious. Yara had to leave to the train station, so we went together there. Then I went home to prepare my bag for the weekend in Berlin. I had to sleep at Shahd’s dorm because the train was so early and we had to make it on time just like Germans.

Today was our first day of the weekend. We had already booked a flight early to go to Berlin, the beautiful capital of Germany. We woke up very early as I was sleeping at Shahd’s place. Ziad and Maher met us half way. Then, we went to the train station and took a train to the airport. The flight was very short of just one hour and 20 minutes. It was very satisfying when we first reached Berlin, as Shahd and I have been planning for this trip long ago and searching online for all the beautiful sights we have to see. We took a train to the city center, and we had a look at the festival that was taking place there. The city of Berlin is really full of life and happiness, and by then, we were starving. So we started to search for a proper restaurant to have lunch. We got lost trying to figure out where the restaurants are. Then, a Döner Restaurant magically appeared in front of us. We hurried up, went in and ordered Shawarma. After this, we wanted to go take a rest and relax so we checked in the hotel. At night, we went out again, and we visited the Brandenburg Gate. It was such a magical view. We took a lot of pictures there, but then it started to rain, we took our umbrellas and continued walking until we reached the mall of berlin. There, we bought coffee and enjoyed the music where people were dancing salsa.

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