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August 19th

Today, Somaia and I woke up and got ready for a new day in Berlin! We headed to Alexanderplatz (city center) to meet with Ziad and Maher. We all went to Gregory’s for coffee and muffins. It was delicious, good coffee was just another reason for me to love Berlin more. We enjoyed the city life of Berlin mornings, then we walked to the museum island. There we saw the Berlin cathedral and took lots and lots of pictures! After that, we entered into a really cool looking building called the Humboldt box; inside, we saw a model of the whole city and many exhibitions. We also went up to the roof of the building which had a nice view of the cathedral and the old museum. There were a lot of people on the grass, musicians and kids making bubbles, it was so alive! Berlin has the perfect mixture of history, culture and the modern life.
After that, we walked along the river, had lunch in an Italian restaurant in “Hackescher Markt” and explored all the unique shops and merchandise.
We were excited to go to our last stop of the day, the one I was waiting for months to see: the East Side Gallery of the Berlin wall. When we arrived, I was blown away by all the beautiful art pieces on the wall. I couldn’t help but imagine the segregation wall in Palestine becoming an art gallery for all of us to paint on and people from all nationalities would come to take pictures with it. I thought about what I would paint on there. The thing I liked most was being able to draw our handprints on a section of the wall. We ended the day with many more pictures, then Somaia and I went to the hotel to pack all of our stuff.

August 20th

This morning when I woke up, I was so excited but very sad to be leaving Berlin.
we got ready and went to our meeting point with Ziad and Maher. After coffee, we went to Mauerpark and there was a huge flea market. We saw many original, unique and handmade things. We walked around and did some shopping, I got the coolest posters drawn by two artists from Berlin! We sat on the grass to rest and suddenly it started raining. So we got our umbrellas and walked a bit more and had some delicious cheesecake.

By that time we were hungry (again), so we went for lunch in the neighborhood of Mauerpark. We headed back to the city center and took some pictures next to the TV tower. We walked around and enjoyed the charming Berlin one last time. Then, Somaia and I headed to the airport. After we arrived in cologne, we took the train to Siegen. In Siegen, there were no busses, people or taxis. After a while, we finally found a cab! On the way to my apartment the road the driver was taking seemed unfamiliar and both of our phones were dead at 12 am. We got very scared!
After asking the driver why he is going that way, we discovered that he was just taking the high way and not going the same way as the bus. We got to my place and slept like babies.

August 21st

After a long weekend, Somaia and I woke up very tired, we had coffee and breakfast and then she left to her dorm. I cleaned the house and unpacked. At 5 pm, we met with Yasmin, Rand, Layla and Melissa for lunch. We went to Sausalitos because it was food Monday. After that we interviewed Melissa’s sister for our project. Then we got ice cream before heading to the dorms. It was a typical day in Siegen and I already felt an urge to go back to Berlin 🙁

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