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21 Aug 2017 MONDAY
Today was our last day in Berlin City.
Me and Ziad woke up at 10 am to check out of the hostel. Then we took two trains to go to the Karpfenteich Lake. We walked there and took some pictures, it was a nice and quiet place that is almost empty of people, but there were many boats and we had a beautiful view. 

After that, we walked for around an hour to see the Soviet War Memorial, which was built to commemorate Soviet deaths in World War II, especially the 80,000 that died during the Battle of Berlin. It was really an amazing place to see.After that we did some shopping in Berlin. Around 7 pm, we took a train to the Berlin’s airport to return to Köln/Bonn Airport. Since we arrived a little bit late to Köln, we decided to go to a hostel to stay in Köln until the next day to be ready for the gamescom.
I experienced Berlin as a big city, there are so many people, the trains are always full of people and there is no place to sit. I really loved it and loved it visiting it with the people who came with me (Ziad, Shahd and Somaia), and I hope to visit it again.

22 Aug 2017 TUESDAY
Finally, the Gamescom day had come!
We woke up in the morning, we made a check-out from the hostel. Me and Ziad were starving, so we went to eat a Döner Sandwich for breakfast! After that, we took a train from Cologne to the station near Gamescom. Now, we were near the Koelnmesse building, which was a set of huge buildings connected together. Gamescom was in the buildings number 1 to 10.
Then we entered the Koelnmesse, took our tickets, and now we were free to visit the 10 buildings! The first game that we played was a fight between robots which it could be played by using phones.
The first 5 buildings were boring and for business things, so we just escaped from them. The fun had come from building 6 to 10, which contained a huge number of games that we can try. Some of them had already released and published, but some will be published after some months. We played some games like ‘assassin’s creed origins’, ‘middle earth shadow of war’, ‘FIFA 18’. Moreover, we have tried some VR games, it was a new type of games that I tried. Furthermore, we tried the new technology which was the Sensory Reality, which is small room that simulates the audio with scent, temperature, air flow, tremble, and taste and light frequencies. We were the first people in the world who tried this new technology. Also in this day, we met some games characters and took some photos with them. At 7 pm, me and Ziad left the Gamescom, met the other Palestinians and went to eat dinner. After that we returned to Siegen by train. When we reached the train station near Siegen city center, we just had 3 minutes only to catch the last bus to our dorms, so all of us started to run as fast as we can to reach on time. Other people in the street saw us running, so they thought that something wrong was happening so they started running with us. Luckily, we arrived the Siegen city center and caught the bus – alhamdollilah.

23 Aug 2017 WEDNESDAY
In this day, Layla had invited all YALLAH students to have launch in her home. We reached her home around 4 pm. When we reached we saw Layla, Ramsis, Renad, Aseel, Robin, and Saja waiting for us. Layla had made different kinds of vegan food like boiled potatoes, salad, pasta, a soup with beans and other stuff. Thanks for Layla, the food was really great, I filled my dish for three times.
After that, we were sitting all together in her beautiful garden, took some pictures and ate a watermelon.

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