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Aug 24thToday, me and Dana decided to wake up early to go shopping and buy some gifts for our families and friends in Palestine. As a special part of the day, Layla offered to us to have dinner at the restaurant “Zum Pinsel” to eat vegan “Schnitzel” in a small village called Freudenberg at 6 pm. Robin packed me, Saja, Dana and Yasmin earlier to watch the old houses of the village and walk around it. The village was very nice with old and traditional buildings and roads. After a long walk, we ate some ice cream then we met the rest of people to go to the restaurant. For my first time, I have tried a vegan Schnitzel and what I was surprised about that I really liked it.

Aug 25th
Today, me and the other Palestinian students met in the city center in the morning, then we walked to the Schlosspark at the top of Siegen. We took pictures of the nice view and of us. Then what was the surprise? The beautiful Gerrit joined us and made it a real picnic. He brought juice, bread, honey, butter, chocolates, cookies and chips. We all sat on the grass and had fun.

 After that, we separated to small groups to do some shopping in the city center. We met again at 8 pm to play “Lasertag” at 10 pm , but since we arrived early, we sat beside a small lake all together. Lasertag was a great experience and we all enjoyed the game.


Aug 26th

The second day of the weekend, we had the plan to go to Düsseldorf. All the Palestinian students met at the city center at 9 am to take the train to Düsseldorf. When we arrived, we met Somaia’s friend, she is a Palestinian girl and she lives here for two years. She was the guide for us on this trip. The heart of Düsseldorf lies in its Altstadt (Old Town) and it was the perfect starting point to explore the city and to get a feeling for it. It is set between the shopping boulevard Königsallee and the river Rhine. We walked through cobble-stoned streets and we passed by the Königsallee. To get from the Old Town to the new Media Harbor, we walked along the paved Rhine River promenade. Since it was a weekend the street, it was filled with people walking and riding a bike. Along the way, there was The Rheinturm (Rhine Tower) which is a 240.5 meters high concrete telecommunications tower in Düsseldorf. After this walk, we had lunch in an Italian restaurant then we walked again through the city to explore more before leaving.

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