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From Palestine, all the way to Europe!

Exposure to a different culture for anyone is both an exciting journey and a challenging experience. There is the first phase where everything seems fascinating and new. Looking back now when we first arrived, we were shocked by how beautiful and organised everything is – it all seemed perfect. Day after day what was extraordinary for us started to become part of our routine. Encounters with the locals and small gestures that may seem insignificant for others made us spot the difference immediately between our and the German culture. In a couple of incidences we felt like strangers instead of feeling welcomed. That’s the shock stage, adjusting to this new culture has generated a lot of mixed feelings and reactions. Now as our stay here comes to an end, a part of us wants to stay, but mostly we miss our homes and can’t wait to go back. 

In the last three days August 28-30, we said a lot of goodbyes and did a lot of last minute shopping.

In August 28th it was packing day, after we walked around Siegen we went to our favourite place by the river to relax. At night, we went for a walk then got back to packing.

The next day on August 29th some of the group members were invited for a farewell gathering, while the rest went out. We later met all together to say goodbye.

The day before our flight we couldn’t sleep wondering how we will manage to take the bus and many trains to reach the airport with all the heavy luggage and still make it on time without missing any train. Lucky for us, the next morning, our nice dear friends were there to rescue us. They helped us until we reached our last stop. It was stressful but we all helped each other out and before we knew it we were there.

Finally, we had to face another journey of going from Amman back to Palestine.

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