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11. August

It was an ordinary day, we woke up in the morning, had our breakfast, went to the center of Siegen, then to the university, we spent some time there working on our projects, after that, we left to have our lunch and spent the rest of the day walking around the city!

12. August

In this day we planned to visit the Ruhr area. We started our journey at 9 o’clock to Bochum city by train, we arrived there around 11 o’clock and went to “Deutsches Bergbau Museum” (German Mining Museum). It was a wonderful museum that showed us how people were mining back in the day, we went deep underground, for 17 meters and saw the stuff they used, also, many models and pictures of the workers and the tools.

Deutsches Bergbau Museum

Deutsches Bergbau Museum

We left the museum around 2 o’clock to have our lunch. When we finished our lunch we left Bochum by train to Dortmund city to visit another museum. It was really interesting, one that showed us the development of different technologies such as printing. We printed a drawing on a paper using an old printer, we saw a model for a huge laptop, also a model of an AIRBUS cabin and many robots.

Robot in the Museum

Robot in the Museum

We stayed in the museum until it closed, then went to Dortmund city center where the football museum is and spent some time in the city before we went back to Siegen city.

13. August

We decided to go to Cologne but not all of us, we were 5 only. We went at 10 o’clock to the train but before going there we searched for places we can visit and we chose to visit a new Turkish mosque and a flower garden called “Botanical Gardens Flora”.
There was maintenance for the rail way so we changed the train many times and it took us more time to arrive in Köln, when we arrived there was a festival in the city so we went there and bought some souvenirs and ate traditional German food.

When we finished we went to the mosque and entered it.

The Mosque

The Mosque

After that, we saw a high tower, from which we would be able to see all of the city and so we searched for its’ entrance. While searching we found the public park and it was very huge and full of people who were just laying there or playing different sports, also, a restaurant which offered free food tasting so we stopped and tried the food! After all of this, we finally reached the entrance of the tower but it had a sign that read it had been closed since 1992!
Finally, we went to the botanical garden and it was really nice. We took a lot of photos and enjoyed our time!

On our way back to Siegen, we needed to change the train so we stopped in Hennef and Bonn and each time the train was late from his original time so we waited in the city for a while.

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