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13. August

The Amari group (Sujood, Renad, Ali and me) met Marios at University to go to Dortmund. We decided to go there and offer some refugees in the refugee cafe a workshop on creating maps and how they can add interesting and important locations to create an interactive map. With a map like this they can help newcomer refugees to find their way around and make life easier for them.
When we arrived to Dortmund, nobody was there. There was a woman working in the refugee cafe who told us, that the refugees just went out. Probably because the weather was very nice and they would spent their time outside, rather than in the cafe.
We decided to go back to Siegen. On our way back, we went to a festival (a “Kirmes”) which was taking place in a town close to where Jenny lives (Wenden). We met with Jenny, Dina and May there. Some of us had some fun on the rides. Afterwards, Sujood, Marios, Ali and I went back to Siegen and the others stayed at the festival.

14. August

It is a beautiful morning and a sunny day. Before, we have met someone from Palestine who lives in Siegen. His name is Ashraf and he studies for getting his master degree at the University of Siegen. Through Sarah he already knew that we come from Palestine, too.

He told me the day before that he would take us for a hike in the forests of Siegen. On that day, Sujood, Laiana, Ala’a, Ramsis and I go with him to the forest. We are had a great time there.

Ramsis brought some food his mother prepared which was very delicious.

After finishing hiking, we came back to our dorms and Ramsis joined us. We were playing table tennis and smoke argelah (Shisha). After that, we went to sleep.

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