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16. August

3D printed SpoonOur model of our first spoon was done today. I had a meeting at 11 am at the universities’ fab lab with my team mates Ramsis, Dina and May, Al Mua`llem (Dominik) printed us the 3D model for the spoon and it is ready now. It just needed to be a bit smoother (which Ramsis actually did using a knife). Before a couple of days, Ramsis, Mahmoud, May and me went to OBI (a hardware store) and bought silicon, a silicon gun and other materials that we might need. Then we needed to figure out how to use these materials beside the silicon with the gun.
We needed a box that fitted our spoon to put the silicon in and create a mold, so we could build the negative shape of the spoon. The “Amazing Ramsis” brought us some great and fresh ice cream, various fruit and some coconut. We finished all the ice cream and used the empty ice cream box. We built the mold for the spoon, but had to wait around 24 hours until the first part of the silicon cured. After that we would create the second part.

After university we had a meeting with a person which was working in a restaurant which was specialized in making fruit salads, ice cream, frozen yogurts, coffee and so on in Siegen. We talked with him about our idea of the edible spoons. He actually liked the idea and offered to buy some spoons from us, he would use them in his restaurant. He also asked us to make a mold of an edible cup, he would use it for ice cream, together with our spoon.  He wanted his logo on the spoon. Moreover, he allowed us to come to the restaurant and take videos or pictures if we wanted to. He was really interested in the idea of our work but honestly, we are conducting research and not a business, maybe when August ends we will come back to get some money from him :p
It was a long day, so we needed food (as always whenever there is food, Ramsis is the best to ask where to go) this time an Italian restaurant was our destination. After almost 2 and a half weeks in Siegen we should say that you can try any food from any country here, just take a tour in Siegen. There is a restaurant from every country around the world :p – but not an Arab one :p

17. August

sondos2I can make sure and say that this was the best day in the whole month and it was one of the best experiences in my life. It started at 7:30 in the morning; our generous German friends came to the dorm to drive us to Phantasialand. We left Siegen at 8:00 am, I was with Jasmin, and actually, I slept the whole road. We reached there and got our tickets at around 10:00am. The only sentence I can say about this day is that it was really worth every cent we paid for, we played almost 7 or 8 games. Waited almost an hour for every rollercoaster to get 20 seconds riding it, but it was really worth it. We stayed until 8:00 pm playing, shouting, eating, running from one rollercoaster to the next and reading the map wrong. Hahaha. We went also to the children’s part of Phantasialand by accident, because of the strange map which we couldn’t read.

sondos3Jasmin could not find her car when we finished. It took 10 minutes to find it because there were lots of cars and the only information that we had was that it is a dark blue Volkswagen car (any one can imagine how hard to find a car in Phantasialand with only this unspecific information available). We were exhausted when we reached home and slept directly.

18. August

One of the usual days here in Siegen. Nothing to do except going to university.
Our first part of the spoon mold is now done, the silicon has cured now and we can create the upper part. It was an easy job, all we needed is a plastic bag and silicon but now we have to wait another 24 hours so the whole mold is complete and we can try to make a bread spoon on Friday. We started checking and thinking of how to make a poster about our project for a presentation.
Lunch was in a Chinese restaurant with Ramsis. At almost 16:00 we had nothing to do, no work on the project and no other plans so me, Rand, Ali, Yara, Mahmoud and Basil bought some candy, chips and cola, then went to a park in Siegen and spend like 3 hours there taking photos and playing with the German kids. To be honest, parks here in Siegen are very beautiful, especially when the weather is nice, when there is food and friends. Parks are the best place to go to have a good time. The River is the last station of this usual day. Sitting next to the river for an hour talking, is so relaxing – but we had to leave at 11:00 to go back to the dorms. Here in Germany the most important thing is time. Time is really important, distracting, and accurate!
In addition, like every night we spent hours playing cards and eating German chocolate, which is really delicious. I am thinking of taking a million tons of chocolate back to Palestine.

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