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22. August

This is our 22nd day here. Germany has been great so far, but today was not about fun. Most of us worked on the projects. My project is a cultural exchange game, and I tried to work hard, since I feel the Germans are working more than me, because we are exploring Germany most of the day. The project is going very well; the Palestinian part is almost finished. Other projects also seem to be going very well. There was a meeting of some refugees with Al-Amari group today, and they were working on a map for new coming refuges which looks very nice.

23. August

On the 23rd day, we decided to do more exploring. At the beginning we went to cologne. We did some shopping and got some gifts for our families. But we have been to cologne before. We wanted to go somewhere new, so we went to Bonn. Bonn is a very nice city, Ramsis and his friend told us, that it was the capital of Germany back in the day. We also visited the University of Bonn. It looks old and nice, from the 18th century I think. Even their campus is very nice; it is large and looks like a park, with grass and people lying around. Maybe we could study there in the future. After seeing the University of Ramsis’ friend, we took a boat back to Cologne. The boat goes through the Rhine River, passing through wonderful scenes and several industrial areas. It was a lovely experience. After coming back to Cologne I realized that I have missed the hackathon. A hackathon is an event at the hackspace where many programmers work on the same project, and that project was our game. I left immediately and joined them (from the house, since our busses are crappy). They are pretty good at the hackspace, they added some cool things to the game. It’s very close to getting finished.

24. August

On the 24th day, we pretty much did nothing. Everybody is working on their projects; the garbage group went to some factory and is creating their first actual edible spoon. I hope it works out for them. And while they had to wake up at 6 am, we slept well. Today was quite boring; I guess I checked out the project. Now since Jasmin has her brother’s wedding coming up, the work is a bit less. But like most nights, we enjoyed sitting by the Sieg River. It’s crowded in the night because the atmosphere is very nice, especially when it is not very cold.

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