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5. May

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, we are going to Jerusalem!Stadtmauer

Our last trip led us to another historical place – Jerusalem. We started our day with a walk from the Damascus Gate trough the old town and followed the cross-coat of Jesus. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was our first stop; our next stop was the old city wall, where a few went up and followed the old border of the ancient Jerusalem. Our group split up after that and a few of us went to see the Western Wall in the Jewish Quarter. Following this way took us further trough the Christian and Armenian Quarter, where we bought some souvenirs. We finished our day at the Nablus Street festival where we could by some local products, listen to gospel singers and where kids were entertained by clowns. We got so many different impressions of the city that our trip came to a felicitous end and sums up our stay in Palestine perfectly.

6. May

Poster5Our last day! Everyone is busy doing his or her last things in Ramallah and finishing their group work for this time. Two of us decided to run a (part-)marathon of 10km in the morning ( After that the group for special needs spread their posters and stickers around the Al Manara square in shops and at the streets. We had a few nice discussions with police officers what we are doing here and got checked that we are not advertising some controversial stuff. It is our website ( were we spent hours creating the content. We managed it to write it in both languages – Arabic and English. Additionally, we had an interview with a deaf student in sign language and we hope to upload it soon.

In the afternoon we went to buy a few last things and a part of us went up the Palestinian trade tower to see the sunset. Sadly it was not as impressive as the last days because of the clouds. But still was worth it: my last Toffee Latte.

7. May

Today we are travelling back to Germany! Goodbye Palestine. We already left at night to the airport and fly back in different groups. But first comes the security check, asking different questions: “Where have you been”, “with whom”, “why”, “how long” etc. A few of our items come home later and whereas a few arrived safely and checked their luggage for missing things, others are still waiting for their connecting flights.

But everyone is looking forward to August, when the exchange continues, this time with our Palestinian friends in Germany.

– Anke –

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