The Mobile Makerspace Team tried to find ways on how to make Makerspaces more accessible and more attractive to the people living in Palestine, especially people living in Area C. During their stay in Palestine, they did research on how to attack this problem by meeting and talking to local coworking spaces, makerspaces, non-profit non-governmental educational organizations, schools, universities, Area C villages, but also the municipality and governmental organizations. Later on, they tried and tested different workshops in Area C schools like in Al-Eizariya and teamed up with organizations like the Goethe Institute in Ramallah and the Tamer Institute. They planned and organized a stand at the Science Days Palestine Festival (Theme: Food Revolution) with the Goethe Institute to promote the Maker culture and at the same time increase environmental awareness.

Below you can find some imrpressions of the Makerspace Team’s work:

Mobile Makerspace Team: Ahmad Alsawi, Aydin Coskun, Moath Sandouka, Rawand Aqel, Sarah Matthies