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20th of august

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland. But I never thought that it would actually happen. I woke up in Paris at 9:30 am, excited for the day that I have waited for all my life. I got dressed and put on my Mickey Mouse T-shirt and prepared my Disney tickets. We drove almost 40 minutes until we arrived at Disneyland and as soon as I reached it, I felt like a 10-year-old kid. Although many people believe Disney is a destination for small children, I personally don’t agree. We walked in and I wore my Mickey Mouse hat and the matching shirt. Everything about me was screaming “This is her first time in Disneyland!“ We got the Disney map and started the Disneyland Journey. When I first entered the park, the attraction I first run to was the adventure land to see the city of Agrabah because my favourite Disney movie is Aladdin. After that we explored Captain Hook’s Galley and a Pirate Ship anchored by Skull Rock, the Adventure Isle which had mysterious caves and the secrets of Disney’s Treasure Island.

In the Indiana Jones section, we got into our first ride – the Big Thunder Mountain. It was one of the best feelings to experience but a bit scary and one of my friends has started crying and didn’t ride any more roller coasters. After visiting the first part of the park called “Adventureland “, we went to other lands such as the “Discoveryland“, which was also interesting and it had many scary rides. The experience of virtual reality was amazing, but we didn’t have enough time there so we didn’t get the chance to have any rides in the Buzz Lightyear Laser. After that, I wanted to meet Mickey Mouse because I could not even think about leaving Disneyland without having my picture with Mickey. To get that, I had to wait 50 minutes but the pictures were totally worth it. We went to fantasyland which had all the princesses and it was really amazing. I did not want to leave Disneyland but eventually I had to. I was going back to Germany and that makes it a happily ever after end for a day.

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