Some students found out that there is a lot of unused space in the crowded city of Ramallah.  They came up with the idea to use these unused urban areas (like rooftops) for gardening. This approach also implied, by the materials used, another problem – namely garbage and waste. In workshops with Palestinian refugee children, a vegetable and herb (tomatoes, mint, cucumbers, lettuce) garden was created, by using empty plastic bottles as planters. The children would learn about empowerment, responsibility and being self-sustainable.

During the period in Germany, many Palestinian students requested to work with Syrian refugees. In cooperation with a local refugee camp, the team presented the idea to the inhabitants of the camp. The refugees liked the idea, so a garden was built as well.

Impression from the workshop in Palestine

Impressions from the workshop in Germany 

Team Members: David Amend, Sarah Rüller, Ala Abou Fara, Yara Al Shafie