The al-Am’ari Computerclub has a new face and name now: YALLAH! Club. The YALLAH! Club Team still uses the Computerclub in the Al-Am’ari refugeecamp but also thought of something new, they wanted to free themselves from the initial idea of a typical computerclub and open up for any kind of interest kids might have and broaden their services. They created more space for creative ideas, theatre and arts. They worked with schools and theatres, designed many different workshops and classes like Calliope workshops, acting classes and artistic workshops and tried out several ideas. In order to keep the YALLAH! Club going, they searched and found many talented volunteers, who supported exisiting workshops but also contributed their own ideas to the YALLAH! Club like english workshops.

Below you can find some glimpses of YALLAH! Club’s work during their stay in Palestine:

YALLAH! Club Team: Tamar Arndt, Jenny Zimmermann, Jenny Kolloch, Razan Khateeb, Renad Khateeb, Yara Abu Hammad.